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How could brands better address their foundation shade ranges?

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Thanks to Nancy T. for today’s question!

How could brands better address their foundation shade ranges?

From a business/development standpoint, if the argument is “it’s too expensive to develop” (whether initially or at all) or “the market isn’t buying,” I would say why not develop mixers? It might take a little more expertise, which I’m sure many brands have, but would enable a smaller shade range to fit a wider variety of people. I think it might be more practical given that even in 30+ shade ranges, there are obvious gaps. Custom blending is a great feature but requires a local place to go-to and really well-trained associates who can match you in person, too.

From a consumer standpoint, I think it is good to point out lack of shade ranges to brands, but if a brand that had a limited shade range then releases more shades six months later, we could be more encouraging so it’s not a situation where they’re damned if they/damned if they don’t. Would it be better if they came out with 40 shades all at once? Yes, absolutely. But would I rather than dig in their heels and stay with 10 shades or expand to 20 in the next six months? Definitely the latter. It would also be nice to see, even if in a 10-shade range, that it’s across a spectrum and not leaving deeper skin tones out (some of the very limited ranges are nine across fair, light, medium and then one “tan” shade).

— Christine

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